Remind Me Again


I live in constant fear that I am going to forget something important.

I have tried a variety of methods to try and remember things.

I have used an old fashioned alarm clock or timer to remind myself of a deadline. But it didn’t work for me because I forget why I set the alarm in the first place. 

My loving wife has a habit of listing things for me to remind her of, especially when I am driving,  and with limited success.

Now i use apps on my smart phones. I’ve used Google Now, Anydo, and Wunderlist. I have never met a productivity app that I would not try. 

I’ve set reminders to buy toilet paper, milk,  and bread. I’ve set calendar reminders on my phone for doctor’s appointments.

But what do I really need to be reminded of on a daily basis?

1. To laugh at myself.
2. To love someone who is unloved.
3. To thank someone for their service or friendship.
4. To pray to recognize God’s divine appointments.