5 Myths about hospital visitation

1. Only sick people go to the hospital.

But doctors, nurses and medical technicians are there daily.So are the cafeteria, parking and cleaning staff. Everyday, the number of healthy people at a hospital outnumber those that are treated or admitted.

2. I will get sick if I visit a hospital.

But the odds of us getting sick are actually higher in the confined space of our work cubicles.Yet, we still go to work everyday.

3. It takes a professional or specific training to make a visit to a hospital.

All it takes to visit a hospital is intentionality and availability. You come not out of duty or compulsion but because you wanted to. For these reasons your visit is highly valued by the recipient.

4. It is expensive and time consuming to make a visit to a hospital.

It will cost you the same amount of gas or parking as the mall. Most visits can be done in about 30 minutes.

5. It doesn’t matter if I do it because someone else will.

Everyone knows someone who talks about how no one visited them when they were in the hospital. You can author a different story that has a lasting impact.


At Work I have 5 assignments due at the same time – yesterday.

I need to stop and take a deep breath.


I need to thank God for:
another day to live,
My health,
His daily provision,
and the people I will interact with today.

I need to ask Him for:
vision to see the world as He sees it,
compassion that would lead to action, wisdom to know what he wants me to do,
and faith that God can use me to accomplish His purposes.



Repeat as often as necessary.

Core truths about the Bible

1. God wrote the Bible using humans and there personalities to deliver the message.

2. God wrote the Bible and he is a big enough God to protect the message from corruption.

3. God wrote the Bible so that you could understand it. No mysterious codes. It is a straight forward easily understood message.

4. God wrote to the people in the culture they lived in. It is important to consider the context when reading.

5. God repeats ideas and concepts to stress their importance to us.

6. The Bible is about real people with real problems and real personalities.

7. Unity of the Old and New Testament should be emphasized. It is one book with one central message.

Thoughts on visiting Hospitals

There is a  difference between visiting a hospital and a funeral home. 

The first is for the living and the latter is for the dead. 

Unfortunately,  most people bring the same somber demeanor to both places.
People  need to be have hope.  To be reminded that the season will probably  pass. 

Yes.  I know there are exceptions.  Sometimes people get bad news and even die.

But the vast majority of people leave in a better condition than they entered. 

Your thoughtful presence is a powerful reminder that their continued presence on planet Earth is needed and appreciated by someone. 

By making a brief but intentional visit you are assisting in the healing process. 

You are reminding them that they are not alone. 

What Do I Believe?

What do I believe? 

I believe that God comforts us so that we can comfort others with the comfort we have received.

I believe that hugs are often of more value than words.  

I believe that humor can be a part of the healing process.  

I believe that loving God, loving others, and loving ourselves is harder than it looks.  

I believe that God created every person in his image, so every person has value.  

I believe that the death and resurrection of Jesus empowers us to be more than we imagined.

I believe that God still speaks through the Bible to his children.

I believe that God is capable of defending himself and his reputation.

I believe in the local church, imperfect as she may be, is still the bride of Christ.

I believe that most ministers serve because they passionately love God and his people.

I believe that the church should be a place of grace and not shame.

I believe that gossip can be incredibly destructive.  

I believe that God moves and speaks through his people to accomplish his will.  

I believe that humility is undervalued. 

I believe that listening to others might be more important than what you want to say to them.  

I believe that loving your wife and children well is a lost art.  

I believe that it is often harder to believe in ourselves than in other people.

Why I am proud to be called a Dumb Sheep

When people see my e-mail address they often ask if there is a story behind the selection of it (just.a.dumb.sheep@gmail.com) and my Twitter account avatar(@Dumbsheep).

Sometimes people try and guess why I chose the name.

I have been asked if it is because of the facial resemblance to a sheep. What do you think?
dad with sheep

Or do I count sheep at night due to insomnia? Yes, but that is not the reason.

Was I found in the woods and raised as by wild animals? No, but I do have a healthy fear of wolves.

Did I did not have a tragic or humorous childhood that resulted in this nickname? No, however, I have been called Speedy, Bullet, and Chicken-Bone for a variety of reasons.

I tell them that my e-mail nickname is a constant reminder of what Jesus has done in my life.

I quickly acknowledge that my most frequent prayer is not “now I lay me down to sleep” but “Father God, help me! I’m just a dumb sheep in need of a shepherd”.

I get a variety of responses. Most of them are positive, often identifying themselves as a part of the flock.

For those who don’t understand I explain that I am not without intellect or reason. But like a dumb sheep I need constant protection. Without His guidance I will find trouble or it will find me. Like a dumb sheep, my main survival skill is in recognizing the voice of my Shepherd. The Shepherd who died for my sin and rose again so that I might have an eternal and abundant life.

I have found my identity in Him and it is a good thing. I am, and always will be, just a dumb sheep in need of a shepherd.