A Quitter’s Prayer




I Quit
waiting for permission or approval to do the work of ministry.  Because you have called all of your children to be a part of your work.

I Quit
worrying about who will get the credit.  Because it is you alone who deserves the praise.

I Quit
hoping that someone else will see the need and act. Because I am your hands and feet in this world I must act.

I Quit
focusing on my ability.  Because you are able to use me to accomplish your purposes in this world.



7 Things You Can Do To Transform Your Church.


1. Invite people who are different than you. 

2. Ask God for wisdom. Study his word.  Apply it to your life daily. 

3. Go visit someone in the hospital.

4. Look for opportunities to build relationships with people outside of church. 

5. Ask God to interrupt your schedule with His plan,  power and provision.

6. Be transparent and acknowledge your struggles in life. The person next to you may think he is the only one failing. 

7. Be known as a force for good in the community.  Feed the homeless.  Teach English as a second language.  Do something. 

7 Signs you are in the wrong Church.


1. Everyone looks and acts like you.

2. No one questions anything.

3. All of the work of ministry is done by church staff. 

4. More effort is put into retaining people than reaching out to others.

5. Nothing happens in church that wasn’t scheduled and pre-approved.

6. Everyone appears to have their act together. 

7. You are known in the community for what you vigorously oppose. 

How important are you?


A man’s importance is best measured by the time he makes to help others. 

So how important are you and I in the grand scheme of things?

Will anyone miss us when we are gone?
The great news is that it is not to late to change our story. 

Today, we can make time to actively listen to those who are hurting. 

Today, we can smile and laugh with someone.

Today, we can spend time with a child and express hope in their future. 

Today, we can express love to those who are important to us. 

God is never late


God is never late,  but sometimes I feel like He is in a different time zone. timer

The problem is that I think I know when God needs to arrive to resolve my problems.

The reality is that God knows my problems better than I do.

He is not surprised, overwhelmed or unprepared for them.

But I am.

Perhaps, He delays his arrival until I am eagerly and attentively seeking him.

Maybe that was the whole point of the process- to cause me to look to him?

If it is,  it works.

5 Myths about hospital visitation


1. Only sick people go to the hospital.

But doctors, nurses and medical technicians are there daily.So are the cafeteria, parking and cleaning staff. Everyday, the number of healthy people at a hospital outnumber those that are treated or admitted.

2. I will get sick if I visit a hospital.

But the odds of us getting sick are actually higher in the confined space of our work cubicles.Yet, we still go to work everyday.

3. It takes a professional or specific training to make a visit to a hospital.

All it takes to visit a hospital is intentionality and availability. You come not out of duty or compulsion but because you wanted to. For these reasons your visit is highly valued by the recipient.

4. It is expensive and time consuming to make a visit to a hospital.

It will cost you the same amount of gas or parking as the mall. Most visits can be done in about 30 minutes.

5. It doesn’t matter if I do it because someone else will.

Everyone knows someone who talks about how no one visited them when they were in the hospital. You can author a different story that has a lasting impact.