I walk in the early morning hours when it is still dark. The moon, street lamps, and porch lights give just enough indirect light for me to safely proceed.

I have learned that when you walk in darkness even a little light can make a world of difference.

That little bit of light keeps me from stumbling over a crack or rise in the sidewalk.

That little bit of light keeps me from running into unexpected obstacles in my path (like a chair sitting on the sidewalk).

I’ve learned that we don’t have to be a bright light to make a big change in someone else’s world. Just a little light is all that is needed to make a difference.

How can you and I shine a little light into someone else’s darkness today?

10 Things I Learned in 22 Weeks


It was 22 weeks ago today that I had my neck fusion surgery.

A lot can, and did, happen in 22 weeks. Here are 10 life changing things I learned.

1. I learned how to get out of bed under my own power and get in and out of the car without a concussion. Someone had to show me how to do things I had taken for granted.

2. I learned to sleep on my back with a neck brace. Both of these sounded impossible when I started. As a lifetime side-sleeper I now find it hard to sleep unless I am on my back.

3. I learned to not get dehydrated and faint. Your local fire department and family will appreciate this. Being properly hydrated will cover a multitude of sins.

4. I learned how impatient I was in my own recovery. Especially watching other people drive and finding out how easy it is to be a back seat driver. I wanted instant gratification in my recovery. Instead it was one good day of work after another. Boring but effective.

5. I learned to walk by looking ahead so I would not stumble. I have a new found appreciation for level sidewalks and painted curbs. I also now appreciate the sounds of nature and the caress of a gentle breeze.

6. I learned what cutting refined sugars and adhering to a high protein / low carb diet could do for my health and attitude. As my physical appearance began to change, my attitude and spiritual outlook began to improve.

7. I learned to make time for reflection and to value what was truly important. Somehow my workplace survived without me. My sense of identity and self worth were redefined for the better. Friendships became deeper and more precious.

8. I learned that rest is vital and that you cannot rush the recovery time in a major surgery. No matter how much we want others to be well yesterday, it is a process. Last week my surgeon told me that I was way ahead of schedule in my recovery but I am still getting better. There are still limitations that I will have to overcome.

9. I learned to be a gracious receiver of money, time, prayer, and physical help. My self sufficiency and pride eventually gave way to gratitude.

10. I learned that God really was with me in the process and that prayer really is just a conversation with Him.

I look at my calendar and wonder what you and I could accomplish in the next 22 weeks?

7 Things I’ve Learned About Installing Deadbolts


7 Things I’ve learned about installing deadbolts.

1. The cheaper the cost of the deadbolt the more difficult it is to install.

2. You can’t install a deadbolt in the dark. You have to have a lot of light to see to line things up.

3. You have to have the right tools. And they are never what you have on hand.

4. That once you start the process your obligated to finish it. Otherwise you have a drafty insecure door.

5. Sometimes it takes two sets of hands to finish the job.

6. That a person with a recent neck surgery probably shouldn’t be tackling the task.

7. That if the installation instructions are incomprehensible you should return the set immediately.

When its hard


When living out my Christian faith is hard I remind myself that:

1. I’m not called to walk naked like the prophet Isaiah among the people of Israel.

2. I’m not called to marry an unfaithful wife like the prophet Hosea.

3. I’m not called to be a mime or play with tinker toys like Ezekiel.

4. Unlike the Apostle Paul I’ve not been beaten in defense of my faith.

All I’m called to do is live out my faith day by day in a relationship with God. It’s the least I can do.