Open-handed Faith?


Do these actions qualify as open-handed faith?

1. Driving with your hands off the wheel as you praise God. 

2. Slapping someone who disagrees with your theology.

3. Being a greeter at Church and shaking hands during flu season.

4. Eating food that laid on the floor longer than five seconds cause the Pastor prayed over it.

5. Being baptized without a life jacket and not holding onto the side rail. 

6. Giving all the coins in your pocket for the offering at Church. 

7. Leaving the hymnal books on the pew and singing from memory. 

8. Not checking your watch while the youth director is preaching. 

9. Not checking your Facebook or Twitter feed during the invitation at Church.

10. Letting a two year old boy go to the bathroom alone and expecting him to return unaccompanied to the Church nursery. 

Open-handed faith is about relaxing your control of your time, talents, money, relationships, work, problems, anxieties and stresses and yielding them to God. Scarcity thinking is replaced with an attitude of generosity toward others. God is in control and he is enough.

*Thank you to Greg Holmes for challenging me to open-handed faith. Here is a link to the message. It is the first selection under ‘Born To Be Wild’. 
(Click on the headphones to listen.)


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