Standard defines SETBACK as “a check to progress; a reverse or defeat”. 

I have been making such progress in my recovery from neck fusion surgery that I became overconfident. I tried to do to much and ended up stuck in bed for a couple of days. 

I know that we all experience setbacks. They are inevitable. But this one was especially painful. 

For the first time since my surgery I wanted to withdraw and give up. 

But I know that these negative feelings are temporary. I know the positive feelings I was experiencing in exercise and physical therapy. I know the joy I was feeling as form and function are being restored. 

I know I have to rest and recover before I can continue.

I have learned that:

Overcoming a setback can be grueling and exhilarating at the same time. 

Setbacks can cause us to reexamine or goals and count the cost. 

Setbacks can lead us to introspection, action, or paralyzing depression.

Whether a setback is  temporary or permanent depends on our response..


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