Things That Are True About Physical Therapy


It’s going to hurt. This is a good sign.

It’s going to hurt some more. This is a sign that it is working.

Small movements are a big deal. Muscle groups have atrophied due to inactivity. They have to be coaxed back awake. And the muscle groups are just as grumpy as a teenager who overslept.

It’s natural to find that you have protected parts of your body that now are in rebellion. You have to retrain your body. Your body will not welcome this new activity.

Despite public perception, Physical Therapists do not love causing pain, they love restoring movement and wholeness. 

Small steps proceed larger steps. Small gains lead to larger gains.

Did I mention it was painful yet?

I believe the first physical therapist was probably named “Uncle”.

To a physical therapist resistance is not futile but useful in the recovery process. Resistance combined with muscular reeducation leads to healing.


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