Mountains To Climb


In my recovery from neck surgery there have been several mountains to climb.

After the surgery, I had to learn how to get out of bed safely without straining my neck or falling on my face. 

I had to adjust to wearing a neck brace twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. I had to learn to sleep on my back. 

Eventually, I began to walk and exercise. I had to learn to scan ahead since the head brace kept me from looking down at my feet. 

I focused on building up muscle groups that had atrophied due to inactivity. Fatigue was an ever present enemy. 

The surgeon began to gradually wean me off the brace six weeks after surgery. 

Every week I would decrease the amount of time on the brace. Every week my neck would have to readjust to the additional weight and stress. 

Every week I would increase the distance that I was walking in the morning. I scheduled my walks during the times that I was not wearing the brace. 

At ten and a half weeks I retired the neck brace.  I thought it would now be easy. Instead I began a fresh  a season of physical and mental fatigue. 

I begin a month of physical therapy on Tuesday. 

In my recovery I have learned that it is not a sprint but a marathon. There are no shortcuts. 

Healing, building endurance and strength take time. 

There will always be one more mountain to climb. 

2 thoughts on “Mountains To Climb

  1. Pam Proctor

    I am so very proud of you and the way that you have moved through this stage of your life. It is a journey and you are journeying well!!!


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