Monday Morning Wisdom


Whoever said, “What can’t be cured must be endured”, obviously worked in ministry or customer service.

Why is it my personal musings sound so brilliant in my mind but fade when written in black and white? Maybe I should buy colored ink?

Smile often, especially when things go wrong. It will encourage others  and it will confuse and frustrate your enemies.

NONSENSE makes no sense and COMMONSENSE is anything but common.

Solomon’s Proverbs are short quips because Wisdom is found in brevity. Or else his many wives kept interrupting his train of thought.

Words may be cheap  but a misspoken word will cost you.

Thank goodness or spiritual maturity is not based on our sense of humor.

When life is hard find some place that has soft serve ice cream.

When others  can’t make up their minds they are indecisive.  When I do the same it is because I am being thoughtful and thorough.

Some people attract flies and mosquitoes.  I attract paint splatters, dirty laundry, dust bunnies and imaginary friends.

Stop waiting for permission or an invitation to use your God-given gifts and abilities.  Just do it now.



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