Extravagant Love 


I awoke this Saturday morning and read 1st John 3:1 in the Voice Translation. “Consider the kind of extravagant love the Father has lavished on us—He calls us children of God! It’s true; we are His beloved children.” 

I could not get past the phrase ‘extravagant love’ and the word ‘lavished’. These words were still fresh on my heart when my best friend showed up to take me out to breakfast. I am still recovering from neck surgery and my wife was happy that I would not be alone. 

There is nothing more refreshing than a casual unrushed meal with your best friend. We talked about my 
physical, emotional and spiritual recovery after the surgery. We discussed an emotional wound that I am still addressing. My friend had been through difficult seasons and listened wholeheartedly hanging on every word. 

The day could have ended there and I would have felt loved and blessed. However, my friend had more planned. He would not let me pay for the meal.  Then he asked what he could do for me that I could not do for myself. 

I needed work on a ceiling fan light in my office and I had a faulty light switch in the laundry room.  My friend is a computer tech by trade. However, he is also a master electrician and brick mason. He is originally from Pittsburgh and his father taught him these skills. 

Over the next five hours, he worked tielessly for me. We made three trips to Home Depot. In addition to repairing the ceiling fan and light switch, he installed a light dimmer switch in the living room and changed out the vaulted ceiling living room lights to LED lights that we energy efficient. His acts of service and love were overwhelming. 

The whole time we were having a wonderful conversation.  Somehow, we got to the subject of the fireplace and my wife’s plan to remove the hearth. She was trying to reach someone for a bid. He started laughing and asked if he could do the work.  It is about ten hours of hard work to remove and reseal it. I told him I would be delighted for him to do the work but I was going to pay him. I lost that argument. 

He will return to complete that project on another day.  As the day closed I thanked my friend for all that, he had done for me. We parted with a manly hug. 

When my wife returned home, I showed her all the repairs and improvements. I told her about the offer to repair the fireplace. 

And the words of 1st John 3:1 were ringing in my ears. 

My friend had lavished me with extravagant love. I had just received a glimpse of what my heavenly father had done, and was doing for me.


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