Weird Things That People Say At Funerals


I’ve actually heard everyone of these. 

While viewing the body: He/she (the deceased) looks so good /natural.

Maybe I’m at the wrong funeral, the preacher’s description doesn’t sound like anyone I know. 

Did you know the deceased very long?  No. I never met him but there is a covered dish luncheon after this is over. 

We were all surprised by her death.  How old was she? Ninety-five. 

Small kid leaning over the coffin and looking in. Did they make him wear clean underwear under that suit? 

Who do you think will be next to die in our Sunday school class? 


How to Destroy an Online Community or a Church Small Group

Standard judgemental of others and question their motivations. 

2. assume others are not as smart as you are and point out their shortcomings. 

3. try to set yourself up as an authority figure instead of becoming vulnerable enough to be known. 

4. challenge the existing leadership who created the group.  

5. refuse to follow the group’s posted guidelines for behavior. 

6. make it all about you. 

7. refuse to listen and dominate the discussion with your own agenda.  

7 Things Not To Say To Your Pastor


Today’s sermon was so much better than last week’s.

Must have been a rough week. 

Someday you’ll be as good as our last pastor.  

I wish I had your job. Then I could play golf everyday.  

Today’s football game starts at noon.  

That’s the fourth time you used that same illustration. 

Your wife must be have the patience of Job.   



Help. It’s the word that we cry out when we fall and hurt herself.

This cry for help is an admission that we cannot do or face something on our own.

Some people find it easy to ask for help. 

While others may have a harder time asking for help. 

Some would rather suffer in silence than admit their need of help. 

Some people can walk right past someone who is crying out for help as if they didn’t exist. 

Some people are drawn to those who cry out for help and are more than willing to act. 

Asking for help can be a humbling experience. But it can lead to  healing and recovery. 

Everyone needs help sometime.