The Power of Story


Whether it was acted out visually, or sung or repeated in an oral tradition, or drawn on a cave wall, stories have always been with us.

Stories help us to find meaning in the mundane and the extraordinary. 

Stories have caused us to laugh,  to cry,  and to consider what we value. 

Stories help us to influence others to consider a different viewpoint than their own. 

Stories help us to find out what we have in common and identify our differences. 

Stories help us create a sense of family and identity. 

Stories can give purpose and meaning to our daily existence. 

A well told story can reveal as much about the reader as it does about the author. 

Those who lack the skills to tell a story often are the loudest critics.  

The stories that others tell about us can have great power. But the stories we believe about ourselves can literally bring life or death. 

Stories that begin with the phrases, “I will”, “I  cannot”,  or “If only” foreshadow the ending in the beginning. 

Some storytellers find their joy in the writing of the story. Others find their joy in the interaction with the listener or reader.  

A good story demands to be told. 

Why not invite someone to tell you their story today? 


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