There are things in my past that I am uncomfortable thinking about, much less discussing with someone else. 
Old wounds and scars that l had convinced myself were healed hurt as much today as the day they were received, and maybe even more. 

I tell myself, that as much as these wounds hurt I wouldn’t go back and change them. They helped define who I am. They constantly remind me of my continuing need of a savior. 

But there are days when I would give anything not to have experienced these wounds. 

On those days it feels like God is silent and unreachable.  

So I  resort to my own coping mechanisms to deal with the pain. None of them ever work. But it doesn’t keep me from trying. 

Finally in the depths of my shame and guilt I plead again for grace and he freely gives it to me.  

Grace was, and is, what drew me to Jesus in the first place . It is the inherent power and promise of grace that allows me to start each day anew.


7 Ways Your Work Commute Could Be Worse


I drive thirty-seven miles one way to my work Monday through Friday. It’s a long commute in the Dallas Metroplex area. Some days the highways feel like a parking lot and I complain. But I know it could worse. 

There are seven ways your work commute could be worse. 

1. There could be cows on the highway. 

2. There could be helicopters hovering overhead tossing live turkeys out the window for Thanksgiving. 

3. You could be on a first name basis with the drivers to your left who voted for the other candidate. 

4. You could experience an unexpected presidental motorcade that closes the freeway for several hours. 

5. The overnight road construction crews could drop a wrecking ball into oncoming traffic. 

6. The bystanders on the overpasses could be live videocasting the event on social media. 

7. When you finally arrive at work you could discover it was your scheduled day off. 



​I bought an Audible Bible. I never realized that Jesus spoke  with a British accent.

Don’t believe everything you think. 
Do skinny people enjoy a belly laugh? 

Ever notice how often pre-mature decisions are made by immature people?
Everyone is talking about stereotypes. I wonder if mono-types feel left out? 

Grace isn’t just for others. It’s also for you. 

Our Youth Minister for President 


Here are ten reasons why our youth minister at Chase Oaks 544 would make a great president of the United States. 

1. Somehow he can find money in a tight budget for everyone to go to camp. 

2. He believes in people’s inherent value and sees their potential. 

3. He knows how to get people to pull together for a common goal. 

4. He can unpack complicated subjects and present it with clarity and simplicity. 

5. He has an infectious love for those who are hurt, marginalized and disenfranchised.  

6. He has a servant’s heart. 

7. He showed great wisdom in selecting his running mate for life.  

8. He works well on very little sleep.  

9. He knows how to be a part of the team. 

10. He  has mad skills in working with individuals who are given to bouts of immaturity.  

But there are two reasons he would not run for president.  

1. He considers his current assignment the most important job in the world.  

2. He would be embarrassed by the attention I’m giving him now. 

Thank God there are many men and women like him serving across the country with our youth. 

P. S. 

I’m not dumb enough to list his name here and draw a search committee.