How To Increase Your Influence


Be a great listener. Earn the right to speak and be heard.

Lead by example. Actions speak louder than words.

Watch for teachable moments.

Be an encourager.Tell them what they are doing right. 

Be humble. There is power in sharing our mistakes and failures. 

The Love of a Father


When I was young my Father met my every need.  He fed me,  clothed me,  and made decisions for me. He rescued me from my messes and mistakes. He gave me no reason to doubt his love,  protection, and provision. 

But as I got older there was less intervention.

He wasn’t disinterested. But he knew it was necessary.

It didn’t cause me to distrust him or question his goodness.  

As the years passed I could see why he had allowed me the autonomy.  

He was allowing me to grow up and mature.

I can see the same thing happening in my relationship to my Heavenly Father. 

I still need my Heavenly Father just as much as the day I gave my heart to him. But He lovingly has given me autonomy over my life. He knows this is the only way I can grow and mature in my faith. 



Psalms 71:19-21 has really been a source of encouragement to me. Let me summarize it in my own words. 

God will revive, lift,  and comfort me again. He’s done it before. He will do it again. He will bring breath and life to what was dead. He will lift me out of the depths of depression, distress and chaos. He will comfort me by being powerfully present alongside of me in the midst of life. Once he has done this, he stands ready to do it again.
Maybe you will like this version even better. 

God will revive, lift, and comfort you again. He’s done it before.  He will do it again. He will bring breath and life to what was dead. He will lift you out of the depths of depression, distress and chaos. He will comfort you by being powerfully present alongside of you in the midst of life. Once he has done this,  he stands ready to do it again.

Finally, here is the original.

Your righteousness, O God, reaches the high heavens. You who have done great things, O God, who is like you? You who have made me see many troubles and calamities will revive me again; from the depths of the earth you will bring me up again. You will increase my greatness and comfort me again.

Psalms 71.19-21.ESV

A good name. 


Samsung spent years to build up their brand but a burning battery has severely damaged their name. All but the most loyal customer has moved onto other brands of phones.  

A good name is hard to earn. It can take years to build a personal or corporate brand. But it only takes moments to destroy that good reputation.  

How we respond to our mistakes and failures can salvage or bury a good name.

When we fail our natural response is to make excuses. 

We try and apologize as quickly as possible so we can move forward. 

Often we fail to actually fix the problem and we start the cycle over again. 

This causes us to lose customers, friendships and our good reputation. 

We need to work just as hard to keep a good name as we did to build it in the first place. 

Technology Won’t Solve Every Problem


It took me about two hours to fly almost eight hundred miles from Dallas,  Texas to Denver,  Colorado. It would have taken almost thirteen hours by car if I had driven straight through.

While in Denver I watched  a Dallas Cowboy football game on my phone. This kind of technology was unthinkable just a few years ago.  

I participated in my first Uber ride this morning. 

My doctor emailed me by blood work results on the same day they were taken. 

All of these advances in technology have potentially increased the quality of my live. 

Unfortunately,  advances in technology will not make me kinder to others or to myself.  

I still feel the constraints of to little time.  

It is difficult for me to disconnect and unwind. 

Sometimes I feel like my own worst enemy.

It’s time to shut off my phone and chill.