10 Benefits To Being on Vacation On A Monday.


There are 10 benefits to being on vacation on a Monday. 

1. You don’t have to call in to work sick. 

2. You don’t to respond to your work voice mail or email.

3. You don’t have to tell your coworkers how the weekend was way to short.

4. You can actually take a lunch hour away from your work desk. 

5. You won’t start the morning off with a tension headache. 

6. You won’t have to sit on your hands in traffic to avoid inappropriate hand gestures. 

7. You won’t have three mandatory meetings scheduled at the end of the day. 

8. You actually have time to stop and smell the coffee. 

9. You can take a shower that lasts more than three minutes. 

10. You can stay in your pajamas all day and order pizza delivery. 


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