Abstract Painting


I bought my first piece of artwork for myself today. It’s a beautiful abstract piece put together by a wonderful artist who lives in our area.

After I agreed to purchase the piece I asked him to tell me the story behind the painting. He told me it all started with a prayer and a blank canvas.

He began to write his prayer requests, his sins, and his concerns onto the canvas. Then he would read his Bible and pray.

Over time he began to paint over what he had written. Covering these prayer requests with paint seemed to be a way of releasing them to God, placing them in the hands of the one who could resolve them.

He said that the paint covering his requests reminded him that Jesus Christ’s blood covers our sins also.

Now this beautiful piece is going in my study at home. It is a daily reminder how God can answer my requests and concerns and bring beauty out of sadness and pain.

Here is the painting.





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