Most of us have a routine we follow on a weekly basis. Here is how most of our Mondays begin:

1. We get out of bed.
2. We get dressed.
3. We eat breakfast.
4. We read the headlines.
5. We drive to work.
6. We park our car.
7. We walk into our office.
8. We login to our computer / phone.
9. We check our work mail / work email.
10. We say hello to our coworkers.

Is it any wonder that most people are ready for a break 30 minutes into their day?

Several hours later we prepare to leave work.

1. We log off our work phone / computer.
2. We say goodbye to our coworkers.
3. We drive home.
4. We eat.
5. We decompress.
6. We get ready for bed.

Is it any wonder that it takes us the weekend to recover from the mind numbing routine of our daily life?

But routines are necessary. Business hours exist for a reason.

We may not be able to change our routine but we can change our attitude.

We can be grateful that we are alive, that we have a way to get to work, and that we have a job that meets our needs.

I have never heard a dead person complain about having to go work on Monday morning.


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