I have always been uncomfortable crossing over bridges. My discomfort grows even worse if the bridge is over water or elevates over and above other traffic. 

Perhaps,  this irrational feeling goes back to my childhood and the rickety bridges that my Father would drive over that could become impassable due to high water.

But bridges are absolutely necessary when you travel.  You can save enormous blocks of time by going over rather than around an obstacle.

The world is filled with impressive bridges that transverse mountain ranges and large bodies of water. We see bridges so often that we take them for granted.  We don’t think about the work it took to establish them or maintain them. 

But people can be bridges also.

Some people are the bridge that joins two separate  and divergent cultures. Marriage is a bridge that joins two families and creates something new.

Bridges are meant to be walked on.

When you act as the bridge between communities and cultures you will be at risk. You will be walked on. 

You will be taken for granted.  You will be misunderstood by those you chose to serve.  

Will you be a bridge?


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