Terms of Endearment


Many married men have terms of endearment for their wife. For example, I will occasionally call my wife by a pet name like ‘honey’ or ‘babe’. But there are some terms I refuse to use.

I will not call her:
1. The Boss Of Me. We are not in a business  relationship that will cease if I fail to receive some form of compensation. We are in a covenant partnership with each other and God.

2. The Old Lady. My wife is not a nagging woman who is past her prime and is incapable of still having fun. And if she is ‘the old lady’ that makes me ‘the old man’.

3. My Hot Smoking Wife. My wife is beautiful. She is in great shape and looks ten years younger than her actual age. But it is not just her physical  beauty that attracts me to her. I am grateful for the opportunity to fully know her and be known by her. I never want to communicate to her, in any way, that my love is dependent on her outward appearance.

I love being able to brag about my wife’s talents, wisdom, and personality. I want her, and everyone else, to know that I chose well in picking a mate.

I believe that our choice of words to describe our spouse can have great power.


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