Random Thoughts


My guest list for a Pity Party doesn’t stop with me, myself, and I.  Usually few of my favorite sins stop by also.

Misery and joy have this in common; they both love company.

I’m not sure if life is passing me by or running me over.

If you growl all day…naturally you will feel dog tired at night.

I have a Master’s degree in falling apart. I wonder if I could get a government grant to fund further studies.

I am deeply flawed but forgiven. This is not a surprise to anyone.
Thank God.

Everyone is always talking about stereotypes.  I wonder in mono-types feel left out?

Ever notice how often pre-mature decisions are made by immature people?

As I get older and more forgetful, why can’t I forget my mistakes and sins like I forget names and places? Uh, have I posted this before?


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