The bookstores are overflowing with self-help books. The authors all promise a method to bring about lasting change. Some of them offer very practical advice.

But in reading these books i have discovered that it is much easier to read and talk about change, than it is to do it.

For me, change does not occur when I am comfortable.

Change usually comes for me in response to outside pressures over a sustained period of time.

Change often occurs for me when I am so disgusted with my current situation that even the unknown looks good.

My potential for true lasting change is greatly enhanced by a supportive community with a common purpose and vision.

Yet, knowing all of the above, most of the time I approach change in a manner that is designed for failure.

I promise to lose weight but keep stocking the refrigerator with chocolate.

I long for closeness in my relationship to God, but do not schedule a time to read my bible or pray.

I encounter depression and isolate myself from others while binge watching TV on the couch in a darkened room.

Change is hard. If I was able to do it on my own it would have already happened.

I have a lifetime of bad habits, faulty thought patterns and ingrained automatic responses to certain situations and temptations. I am predisposed to fail in some areas.

I have found that when I come to the end of my self-effort and cry out to God for help He will answer.

I have also found that accountability partners and support groups are often necessary to affect lasting change in my life.

Admitting the need for God’s help and other’s in community can be a humbling experience.

But I have discovered that the alternative, living in bondage and defeat, is even more uncomfortable and humiliating.


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