How Do You Treat Your Guests?


My wife and I took a cruise in early September to Jamica,  Cozumel,  and the Cayman Islands. 

I was stunned by the servant attitude displayed by the employees of the cruise line. 

I wondered what our Churches and small groups would be like if we had the same attitude toward our guests.

1. What if we focused on our guests experience rather than our own?

2. What if we answered our guests questions without making them feel dumb?

3. What if we learned our guests names,  interests,  and passions?

4. What if we joyfully helped our guests clean up their spiritual and physical messes and shared our own failures?

5. What if we helped our guests escape from the stress of the world and focus on the wonder of creation and the Creator we love and serve?  

6. What if our guests differences were not a source of division but instead an  invitation to a open conversation?

If we did these things,  I believe we would create a safe place for people to come back often explore a relationship with Jesus Christ. 


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