9 Facts About an Unusual Wedding


A week ago, I performed a wedding ceremony that was unusual and beautiful for nine reasons.

1. It featured a couple that were each 79 years old. Both are very active, still driving, and still meeting the needs of others.

2. The woman had been widowed for 26 years, the man for about 2 years.

3. The woman was married for almost 34 years, the man was married for 56 years.

4. The man continues to take care of his mother in law after the death of her daughter, his wife.

5. This same mother in law, was used by God to get this couple together.

6. They are both deeply in love with each other. They are very secure in that love for each other.

7. They took time in the ceremony to recognize how God had blessed them with Godly spouses in their previous marriages.

8. They used their same wedding bands to remind them that God was at the center of this marriage also.

9. Finally, the most interesting fact to me – the woman is my mother. I am delighted by her choice for a spouse.

Love is not just for the young. A second chance at happiness is a beautiful thing.


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