14 Signs that you were a Preacher’s Kid


14 Signs that you were a preacher’s kid.

1. If at 11 years old you were already the 1st pick in the Adult Bible Bowl trivia contest.

2. If you ever interrupted a deacons meeting and are still emotionally scarred.

3. If you knew how to tie a double windor or bowtie with military precision at 3 years old.

4. If you ever got a black eye but couldn’t hit the other kid back.

5. If your parents ever came to an empty church and found you asleep on the front pew.

6. If your dad received a wrist watch and a larger clock on the back wall every year on appreciation Sunday.

7. If you ever saw baptismal services canceled due to a light rain.

8. If you had to stop practicing the piano or watching the TV so your dad could finish his sermon.

9. If every Sunday night on the way home your mom talked your dad out of resigning.

10. If at least one of your siblings, or yourself, has an obscure Bible name that no one has ever heard of.

11. If the deacons kids threatened to run you and your dad both out of town every Sunday.

12. If when other kids did wrong they got grace. But you were spanked.

13. If you knew which of the 40 keys on your dad’s keychain opened the church doors.

14. Finally, you might be a preacher’s kid if after all this, people still call you to tell you how blessed they were to call your dad their pastor.