Telling TheTruth is Tough


There are occassions where it is difficult for me to give an honest answer.

When my wife asks me if a dress makes her look fat.

When a relative buys me a gift and no one in the room knows what it is.

When an honest answer is going to immediately escalate into a public conflict. 

On these occassions I may be trying to spare someone’s feelings or to avoid a messy confrontation.

But the times I am most reluctant to tell the truth is when it implicates me in wrongdoing. 

I make lots of mistakes.  Some of them are intentional acts that hurt others,  including myself.

This is how Cain must have felt. Cain had killed his brother.  He knew where Abel was but answered God evasively,  “Am I my brothers keeper?”

Cain could have said:

It was just a practical joke that went to far.

He’s in a better place.

He wouldn’t stay on his side of the car.

Don’t look at me, I just got here.

Brother, can you hear me now? 

A fresh coat of paint and he will be good as new.

The Butler did it. 

Its not really funny until someone gets hurt.

All of these statements are just as ridiculous as his actual response.

But I  have my own set of rationalizations to fall back on when I fail and want to cover it up.

No one has to know.  This is just between,  me,  my conscious and God. 

Everyone else is doing it. 

If people knew what I was really like they would lose confidence in me and ultimately God. 

My rationalizations sound just as silly as Cain’s.

This is why I need to surround myself with people who will speak the truth in love to me. 
Thank God for honest friends who will tell me when I stink.


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