Changing Culture


In the midst of a changing culture we have been given a wonderful gift,  the opportunity to redefine what Christianity is and isn’t.

Christianity is not about keeping a set of rules, but about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Christianity is not about shaming people for their failures, but allowing them to experience the freeing power of God’s grace.

As Christians, we have allowed the world to define us by our opposition to a changing culture. 

As Christ-followers,  we have always been a people who found our guidance and inspiration from the Bible. We will continue to do so.

What we believe,  as followers of Christ,  has not changed. But our attitude to the culture should change.  

We are not here to legislate morality. Or to convince people of their sinfulness and shortcomings.

We are here to show them Christ’s unconditional love – especially when we disagree. 

May God give us the grace to be loving, vulnerable, and authentic with a changing culture. Afterall,  this is the culture he died for. 



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