How Long has it been….


One of my favorite commercial slogans belongs to Wolf Brand Chili.

“How long has it been since you’ve had a bowl of steaming wolf brand chili? Well that’s too long.”

It asks a great question. How long has it been since…

You stopped and smelled the roses?

You hugged the person who cares for you?

You stopped and thanked God for the very breath you just took? 

You listened to someone the way you wished someone would listen to you?

You laughed at yourself?

You called your mom or dad?

You hugged a child?

You read a book?

You gave directly and personally to someone in need?

You fell to your knees before the Lord?

You left work on time?

You turned off your phone while at dinner with your family?

You bought flowers or cards for your spouse?

Chance are it’s been to long. Make time to do it today.

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