Prayer is a mystery


Prayer, in many ways, is a mystery.

Why would God, the creator of the universe, want to speak with us in the first place?

There is nothing we could say that would surprise him.

He knows what we need before we can even ask for it.

We certainly could not share a technical skill that He has not mastered.

Nor could we share insight into the human psyche or condition that He does not know.

His awesome power and thoughts are beyond our comprehension.

Yet He longs to interact with us.

Unfortunately,  we have a tendency to treat prayer as a one way conversation.

But prayer is not just our petitions and requests to God. It is an ongoing dialogue with our creator.

God can, and will, speak to us. Sometimes, it is through His word (The Bible), or others (Godly counsel), or the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

My prayer today is that I will be attentive when He speaks.


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