The ability to respectfully disagree with others while acknowledging their value to God is under-appreciated.

When we fail we expect others to understand and extend us grace.

However, we are often slow to extend that same grace and understanding to others when they fail.

The ability to see other peoples flaws and shortcomings is not a superpower. Especially when we can’t get the log out of your own eyes.

Lord, Help us to remember each day that there is an inherent value in every person we meet because they are created in your image.

Mental Exercise for the Day


I have a little exercise that should make your day better.

Grab a pen and a piece of paper. Number it 1 through 9.

Give yourself a plus 1 for every yes answer and a minus 1 for every no.

Ready? Set. Just answer yes or no. Go.

1. I am able to breathe without the aide of a mechanical device.

2. I have friends and family who include me in their get togethers.

3. I have a life threatening illness.

4. I am able to laugh at myself and others.

5. I have a roof over my head and food to eat.

6. I have been hurt so deeply by others that I can no longer function in society.

7. I have the ability to earn a living.

8. I have people I care about.

9. I am without hope.

Now total your score. Most people will be on the positive side of life. But some will not.

Why not take a moment and pray for those with a life threatening illness, no roof over their heads, deep emotional hurts, and no hope for a better day.

And while you are thinking about it, thank God for His many blessings to you.

And if you see someone less fortunate than yourself, STOP… and do something to bring joy to their life while it is on your heart. You might just change someone’s life for the better. Maybe your own.

How Long has it been….


One of my favorite commercial slogans belongs to Wolf Brand Chili.

“How long has it been since you’ve had a bowl of steaming wolf brand chili? Well that’s too long.”

It asks a great question. How long has it been since…

You stopped and smelled the roses?

You hugged the person who cares for you?

You stopped and thanked God for the very breath you just took? 

You listened to someone the way you wished someone would listen to you?

You laughed at yourself?

You called your mom or dad?

You hugged a child?

You read a book?

You gave directly and personally to someone in need?

You fell to your knees before the Lord?

You left work on time?

You turned off your phone while at dinner with your family?

You bought flowers or cards for your spouse?

Chance are it’s been to long. Make time to do it today.

The Love Chapter for Writers (1Corinthians 13)


1 If I can communicate using Blogger, WordPress, Facebook Messenger, Video conferencing and text messaging, but do not have love for my readers, I am connecting with no one.

2 If I have mastery of the inner workings of Google’s search algorithm, can create webpages, navigate all of Wikipedia, and have a dedicated T line with unlimited bandwidth, but do not have love for my readers, I am nothing.

3 If I update my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest status, that I may boast of what is going on in my life, but do not have love for my readers, I gain nothing.

4 Love for my readers is patient even when a web page is slow to load the content I have written, love for my readers is kind even when others troll my Twitter account. It does not envy that others have more blog followers than I do, it does not boast that I have more than those who share my niche market, and it does not find its value in numerical measures but in relationships that are nurtured.

  5 It does not dishonor others by taking their work and claiming it is mine, it is not selfish but instead focuses on providing content that will help others, it is not easily angered when others misunderstand what I was trying to say, it keeps no record of when others were critical or did not repost what I had written.

6 Love for my readers does not delight when bad things happen to my peers but rejoices when valuable content is shared.

7 It always protects the community, always trusts the intelligence of its audience, always hopes to be understood, and always perseveres to write another day.

8 Love for my readers never fails. But where there are technologic and social predictions, they will cease; where there are hot button topics, they will cool; where there is knowledge it will become outdated.

9 For as writers we know our audience in part and we post in part at least twice a week,

10 but when comprehension comes, what is in part is understood – and it is good.

11 When I was new to blogging and social media, I talked like a newbie, I thought like a newbie, I reasoned like a newbie. When I became a communicator, I put my affinity for style over substance behind me.

12 For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror from the occasional comment or repost; then we shall see face to face (perhaps on Skype?). Now I know in part who I am; then I shall know fully who you are, even as I seek to be fully known.

13 And now these three remain: faith that the writing is worth it, hope that someone will read this and love for my readers. But the greatest of these is love for my readers.

7 Questions I Want To Ask At Church


There are 7 questions I have always wanted to ask at Church.

1. If money is the root of all evil, why do some churches beg for it?

2. If loving people is easy,  then why doesn’t everyone do it?

3. If God is the great physician and laughter the best medicine – why are there so many sick people in church?

4. If gluttony is a sin, why do we have potluck dinners after church?

5. If you make someone angry at church have you committed a mortal sin?

6. If God is able to use us, why are we so unwilling to be used by Him?

7. If marriage is so sacred to the Church, why is the divorce rate so high among its members?



When trouble comes there are three types of people in your life.

1. Those that will help you in your distress.

2. Those that will leave you in your distress.

3. Those that put you in distress.


Prayer is a mystery


Prayer, in many ways, is a mystery.

Why would God, the creator of the universe, want to speak with us in the first place?

There is nothing we could say that would surprise him.

He knows what we need before we can even ask for it.

We certainly could not share a technical skill that He has not mastered.

Nor could we share insight into the human psyche or condition that He does not know.

His awesome power and thoughts are beyond our comprehension.

Yet He longs to interact with us.

Unfortunately,  we have a tendency to treat prayer as a one way conversation.

But prayer is not just our petitions and requests to God. It is an ongoing dialogue with our creator.

God can, and will, speak to us. Sometimes, it is through His word (The Bible), or others (Godly counsel), or the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

My prayer today is that I will be attentive when He speaks.