Volunteers are the lifeblood of any healthy church.

They do setup and teardown before and after services, regardless of the weather.

They joyfully greet people as the arrive creating a “come asĀ  you are” environment.

They provide childcare for newborns, and toddlers so the parents can go to the service.

They teach our children and lead age appropriate worship.

They stop, listen, cry, and pray with people who are hurting and rejoice when God answers those hurts.

They direct our traffic and keep us from automobile accidents.

They help us find the bathroom, coffee, and a place to sit.

They lead our small groups – building relationships that matter.

They participate vocally and instrumentally in worship.

They take up and count money.

A church with a thriving volunteer base can survive in difficult times.

A church with a withering volunteer base is headed to decline.

Volunteers do it because they love the Lord, his people and his work.

But volunteers can get discouraged and feel unappreciated.

Slowly, that smile can turn into a frown. Joyful work can turn to duty.

So consider taking the opportunity this week to thank a volunteer.

Call them or send an email or text thanking them for their service.

Or this weekend thank them in person for what they do.

Or volunteer to serve alongside them to show them your appreciation


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