Don’t Tell Me How It Ends


There are two kinds of people in the world.  Those who read ahead for spoilers and who will do anything to avoid spoilers.

I had a friend who would record the late afternoon football game while he was at church leading the music.  He would beg people not to share the result.  He would go home and spend three hours experiencing a game that was live to him, but was already over in real time.

My friend  also knew not to look at the back of the room for those who arrived late.  A high five or ducked heads could tell him the result. 

I have friends who are voracious readers who will read the last page of a novel before buying it.  They want to see if the investment of time is worth it. 

I will not read the last page of a novel first.

However,  I have made one exception for one book. 

I have to warn you that what will follow below is a spoiler.

This is your last chance to stop.

No more warnings.

I have read the last page of the Bible and ….

God wins.

Hopefully none of you are surprised by the result. 

I have also read the Bible from beginning to end and it is a wonderful read. Well worth the effort. 

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