We don’t know how to pray


We’ve been praying for rain in Texas for quite a while because of drought conditions.

Water restrictions have been in place for a couple of years.

Our lakes water levels are at record lows. 

They had predicted drought conditions for at least two more years. This led us to pray even harder for it to rain. 

And God brought us rain.  Then he brought us even more rain. Even more rain is coming.  This has gone on for weeks with no end in sight. 

I have noticed that our initial gratitude for the answered prayer for rain has quickly turned into complaining. Now it’s to wet.

Now we are constantly mowing the wet fast-growing grass and longing for the sunshine.

Thank goodness we serve a mighty God who is in control and not subject to our whims. 

Sometimes I really don’t know how to pray.  Especially when it involves rain. 


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