I spent the week taking care of my wife after her hernia surgery. It was a day surgery and we were home within hours of the procedure being done. 

She was a model patient.  She had few demands and expressed gratitude for what I did for her. 

It took very little physical effort to meet her needs. Providing meals and painkillers when needed. Binge watching TV shows with her to make the time pass as quickly as possible. 

My daughter arranged her schedule so that she could work from home and be with her mom. She did this so I could get some relief.

My wife had set up a massage appointment for me midweek before she scheduled her surgery.  She made me leave the house and go the library and get a haircut. 

Living with a caregiver she knows my tendencies well.  In the midst of her pain and uncertainty she was thinking of me.  Because she knew I would lose sight of taking care of myself.

My wife constantly reminds me that an exhausted caregiver who cannot take care of themselves will be of no use to others.  She is a very wise woman and I am fortunate to have her in my life. 


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