We instead of Me


I married by best friend.  After 32 years of marriage she is still my best friend. 

When we first got married our interests were very different.  I could spend all day in a bookstore.  She preferred a flea market or a fabric store. She watched the home improvement shows.  I watched sports. 

We reacted differently to stressful situations. We disciplined the children differently. 

Our differences led to tension and disagreements.

Thankfully,  we both had a relationship with Jesus Christ that compelled us to love and forgive each other. 

But over time I grew to love her interests and to actively seek out flea markets and craft shows.  She began to listen to audio books and watch sporting events with me. 

Her problems became my problems.  My joys and dispairs became hers. 

We are no longer two separate individuals.  We have become one. 


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