Mobile Technology and the Modern Church


The ability to leverage technology to communicate, track, mobilize the faithful, and reach the uninvolved is the greatest crisis and opportunity facing the church.

A good location, adequate parking, and enthusiastic, well trained volunteers have always been key factors in church growth. And they probably will be until Jesus comes again.

But how the Church deals with advancements in mobile technology maybe just as important as the parking lot.

Advances in technology have always influenced society and the local church.

Television brought us a shortened attention span and TV dinners. Now if the speaker goes over twenty minutes in church we panic. We can’t miss a moment of the NFL.

Automobiles brought us the ability to travel across town to a “better” church. So we didn’t have to stay and work through personality issues.

Today, many of our congregation read their Bible on a mobile device. They communicate almost instantly through their mobile device.

Some are already using Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, as their primary form of communication.

Are we adaptable to their communication preferences?

Are we still married to mass mail outs and circulars?

Are we certain that everyone prefers to receive their communication by phone or snail mail?

Are we becoming all things to all men that we might save some?

Maybe it’s time to survey your people and ask them what they prefer.

It’s the message that’s important, not the method of delivery.


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