Fictional account of how we really expected the story of Christ’s birth to be told.


Imagine, if you will,  that Christ came and was recognized for the eternal king that he is. (My apologies to the apostle Luke.)
It all started with the census that Caesar proclaimed. Everyone was required to go to the place of their birth to be registered. This included poor men, rich men, even the prince and princesses of the land.

Prince Joseph and Princess Mary,  traveled to Bethlehem. They had come from their summer palace in Nazareth with their caravans and entourage.

First hand accounts indicate that Mary was young,  very pregnant and absolutely radiant.

Joseph of course was regal looking in his robes and his crimson, jewel encrusted shepherds rod.

They were followed by a large number of scribes who  recorded their every utterance.

Famous artists had been following them for the last 4 months working on master portraits ever since the appearance of the angel to Mary and then Joseph in his dream.

In the beginning public opinion had been against Mary. Everyone figured that she and Joseph had gotten ahead of their marriage vows.  They were engaged and she was pregnant.

Then the Angel appeared publicly to most of the nation and explained that this was from God and the that this child would be the Messiah. Everyone realized that God was the father of this child and were amazed. 

When Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem the local inn was waiting for them. Joseph had the good sense to not only reserve the rooms but to buy the hotel.

Mary went on to give birth attended by 6 hand maidens and 2 midwives who were direct ancestors from the midwives of the exodus.

Once Jesus was born he was placed in a royal crib. It was patterned after the ark of the covenant with cherubim angels overlooking the baby messiah.

Everyone who was anyone was there. Local dignitaries came. People who ruled other lands came and pledged their loyalty and trust to him.

Even Cesar came and paid homage to him offering to allow Mary and Joseph to take his throne until the time Jesus was old enough to rule.

People from as lands as far away as Persia came because of the Star overhead.

Wars stopped as people flocked to Bethlehem to see this amazing birth.

* I prefer the real story that we find in the book of Luke.


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