Fear of Praying For Others


For years I worried about praying for others, especially in a public setting.praying-hands-1379173607ePZ

I was afraid I would say the wrong thing or give horrible advice.

My focus was on myself.

I was painfully aware of my limitations and sinfulness.

Yet, as the years have gone by I have begun to look forward to the opportunity to pray for others.

God did not change, but I did.

I began to recognize that it was not about me or my competency.

It was about an individual who reached out in faith longing to connect with God.

And God is faithful to meet us when we earnestly seek him.

I have learned that God is able to accomplish His will and purposes, even when I mess up.

I had a friend who preached the wrong persons funeral. Yet, when he finished the family told him what comfort he had brought to them. Even though he used the wrong person’s name.

My wife often reminds me that if God can speak through a donkey, he can certainly speak through me (and you).


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