Why I am proud to be called a Dumb Sheep


When people see my e-mail address they often ask if there is a story behind the selection of it (just.a.dumb.sheep@gmail.com) and my Twitter account avatar(@Dumbsheep).

Sometimes people try and guess why I chose the name.

I have been asked if it is because of the facial resemblance to a sheep. What do you think?
dad with sheep

Or do I count sheep at night due to insomnia? Yes, but that is not the reason.

Was I found in the woods and raised as by wild animals? No, but I do have a healthy fear of wolves.

Did I did not have a tragic or humorous childhood that resulted in this nickname? No, however, I have been called Speedy, Bullet, and Chicken-Bone for a variety of reasons.

I tell them that my e-mail nickname is a constant reminder of what Jesus has done in my life.

I quickly acknowledge that my most frequent prayer is not “now I lay me down to sleep” but “Father God, help me! I’m just a dumb sheep in need of a shepherd”.

I get a variety of responses. Most of them are positive, often identifying themselves as a part of the flock.

For those who don’t understand I explain that I am not without intellect or reason. But like a dumb sheep I need constant protection. Without His guidance I will find trouble or it will find me. Like a dumb sheep, my main survival skill is in recognizing the voice of my Shepherd. The Shepherd who died for my sin and rose again so that I might have an eternal and abundant life.

I have found my identity in Him and it is a good thing. I am, and always will be, just a dumb sheep in need of a shepherd.


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